UAB “Socialinė integracija” provides services of premise and territory cleaning and facilities management services and performs specific cleaning works.

Premise cleaning

This is one of the main activities operated by UAB “Socialinė integracija”. We have means to provide premise cleaning services to companies operating in different fields as well as the services of various purpose premise cleaning: we can clean factories, workshops, trading centres, health care, education and scientific institutions, state institutions, offices, entertainment and leisure centres, sports complexes, hotels, banks and dwelling houses. We provide the following premise maintenance services:

  • carpet vacuuming and cleaning;
  • furniture cleaning (tables, chairs, cabinets, cupboards);
  • all surface dusting (accessible with or without additional cleaning and lifting equipment);
  • cleaning of linoleum and other floor coverings with professional cleaning means intended for that purpose;
  • collection, removal and separation of waste, waste container cleaning;
  • cleaning of sanitary facilities;
  • cleaning of glass doors, screens, and mirrors;
  • stain cleaning;
  • cleaning of organisational technique;
  • dish washing;
  • maintenance of medical institutions;
  • flower maintenance (planting, re-planting, watering, fertilisation).

Outdoor territory cleaning

UAB “Socialinė integracija” provides the following territory maintenance services:

  • manual or mechanical sweeping of paths, pavements, asphalt and other coverings;
  • green lawn watering, fertilisation, cutting and removal;
  • manual clearing of snow from paths, asphalt and other coverings;
  • mechanised snow shoving and removal;
  • various landscaping works and green plantation maintenance: panting of flowers, turf and decorative sapling.

Other services:

  • supply of hygiene means;
  • changing of dirt absorbing mats;
  • pest eradication (deratization or disinsectization);
  • domestic waste and/or paper container installation, waste separation, removal;
  • individual services with regard to the needs and requirements of a company.


Facilities management is a complex service ensuring the functioning of systems of a building and the administration of energy resources.

Our specialists ensure the functioning and technical maintenance of client’s building constructions and engineering systems, and the servicing of building users. We also engage in other kind of work supporting the functionality of a facility and minimising its lost market value and maintenance costs. We seek to make the buildings maintained by UAB “Socialinė integracija” comfortable for people working in, and attending them.

UAB “Socialinė integracija” provides the following facilities management services:

  • technical preventative maintenance of, and immediate fault elimination in engineering systems (electricity, heating, cold and warm water, sewage, etc.);
  • building maintenance administration;
  • administration of contracts with suppliers and with lift maintenance services;
  • calculation of charges for services and used energy resources and their distribution to users of a building;
  • supervision of warranty obligations execution;
  • submission of offers concerning the building or its system improvements;
  • technical maintenance register keeping and filling in accordance with the requirements;
  • servicing of building users (communication, distribution of charges to tenants);
  • security services, cleaning and area management service organisation, etc.


Special cleaning works

These are works requiring utilisation of special cleaning equipment: scrubbing or high pressure machines, ladders or hoisting apparatus. These are performed by UAB “Socialinė integracija” specialist brigades of relevant qualification:

  • cleaning of windows, glass surfaces and building facade;
  • wet cleaning of carpets;
  • cleaning of floor coverings;
  • cleaning and waxing of floor coverings;
  • cleaning and oiling of floor coverings;
  • cleaning and impregnation of hard floor coverings;
  • wet cleaning of soft furniture;
  • wet cleaning of chairs;
  • cleaning of premises after repair and construction works;
  • maintenance of cleanliness during constructions;
  • cleaning of hard-to-reach glass surfaces and facades.